Mystic Guides

A love letter from the universe and your team of light to constantly remind you of what makes you YOU and put you back on your destined path.

 Mixed media (combination of watercolour and ink) on an A5 acid free 300 grams bamboo card. Your very own personal mystic guide illustration will also be scanned in high-res and sent to you as a digital copy for you to print/ have as your phone background etc. It can sit next to your bed or in your 'quiet' space as a visual reminder to live YOUR life.


30 Minute Meditation
& 30 -45 Minute Call with Mel

We set a day and time that works for you. I will message you with a reminder 30 minutes prior to our call time to get you to sit quietly for 30 minutes to reflect and meditate.  I will then give you a call where I ask questions and we have a nice soul searching chat (We can do voice notes if easier).

It is amazing what you unlock in this time with your soul


Sketch Proposal

& Approval

Once you have sent me images related to our conversation I will start on the scene. I will send you a sketch phase image with a voice note describing the entire concept.

You'll see the colour scheme, scene and layout for your approval. 



Your A5 Mystic Guide

You will receive a  high-res digital copy for you to print at home and/or save as your phone background. 

Your original A5 mystic guide will be shipped to you with a crystal and love letter from Mel describing all the symbols used in the piece. 

Can be shipped framed or unframed.

You then have the quintessence of you on a A5 page as a visual reminder to live YOUR life.

Cost of Mystic Guide full process R1700 (shipping excluded) 

Digital options are available for R1200 

Full Moon

Card Pulls and Readings 
45 minutes- 1 hour 

Contact Mel

Thank you for getting in touch! Mel will contact you shorty.

Past Mystic Guides



“ I am absolutely thrilled with my beautiful “Mystics” custom design. You absolutely hit the nail on the head around all of the important aspects that make me me! I cannot believe you even picked up on my Baobab tree! The Baobab is my favorite tree and we have a small one in our garden in Zambia! This was probably the best money spent in a while! I love that my design can sit next to my bed and remind me every morning to “Find my Space” and root me back to everything that I love that gives me good energy! I think it is so special to have something like this to pass down to my kids one day and tell them about my story at this time of my life. "

Gina Woolley, Zambia