Custom Commissions

Unique creations customised to your preferences and interests.


Perfect as a gift or to capture a special moment.

Nothing is impossible.


Nothing is too small, too big or too wild.

Send an email with your idea and desired outcome and we can get going.

These are custom pieces to complete your home, from your perfect dream nursery, to a fun feature for your children's bedroom or  simply to make your lounge sing. 

Once we get the conversation started we can look at what medium is best (watercolour, mixed media, monochromatic pencil) we also look at suitable sizing and styling for the final product. I hold your hand from concept to framing of the final piece.

I offer custom framing along with international shipping.

I want your dream space to come to life. 

Contact me to book your commission:


Mystic Guides

A love letter from the universe to you. A spiritual journey captured in illustration just for you.

Portrait Manga_edited.jpg

Family Portraits

Create any memory through illustration. The perfect gift for a loved one.  

Past Commissions